Hut34 ecosystem overview

The what, the how, and and the why?

Hut34 data tools power agile data practices, bringing together the power of emergent technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, DLT and Blockchain into an easy to use toolkit where teams can unlock more value from their data and achieve higher levels of security and output.

The foundation unit of all Hut34 activity is the hutX smart data object. hutX objects are highly extensible, and can contain security permissions, machine readable details of the model / schema / nature of the data contained within, a versioning system containing meta data, and much much more.

By writing details of object evolution to a distributed ledger (the Ethereum blockchain) hutX also powers very powerful provenance and audit capabilities both within your organisation and beyond.

Our entire suite can be installed as a secure 'data hut'. This provides front end access to a suite of data collaboration tools for data collection, security, preparation, sharing, insight, audit and labs for data science. Multi disciplinary teams from the C-suite to an external data science contractor can create working 'rooms' - spaces where the agile data practices burst into life delivering reporting, insight and activity within minutes or hours of setup.

We don't require users to change their current working methods, instead connecting to a secure hut via libraries and integrations. You can learn more about our API access and third party integrations.

Old Way

Hut Way

Secure data sharing is hard

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Data is locked in your application or silo